• About Me

    My Backgound

    Hi, I'm Debbie Carol.  I am safe, responsible and courteous.  I have worked as an investigator, private civil process server, and property manager for many years.  I'm everyone's Mom.

    AskDebbieCarol's Store

    Specialization: We sell anything that comes across our desk. Sometimes we sell items for other people and do not know much about that item. We will always state that in the product description.

    Companies I work for and things I do.

    • Daytona Realty, Inc.
    • AskRosie, LLC (private process service)
    • Any Florida Notary Services
    • Roadie
    • U-Ship
    • Instacart
    • Shipt
    • Teach and Research Genealogy
    • Photography
    • General background checks and other real estate and legal research